Our responsible promise to you

Our vow is to be advocates for the planet and its
inhabitants whilst giving you considered luxury

We have made a conscious effort to limit waste where possible & are committed to our ongoing journey of being kinder to our planet


BELLA’S ongoing mission is to craft clean focused, safe
& super performing products that make you
feel great every day whilst being gentler with
our planet


Our special ergonomic concave brush has many uses after your mascara has finished. We encourage you to re-use our mascara wand to limit waste for our planet. It can be re-used in the following ways after being cleaned:

As an eyebrow brush & hair tamer

As a separator for clumpy eyelashes

As a lip exfoliator; just add a little coconut oil & sugar

As a perfume applicator

Or it can be donated to wildlife to help remove fly eggs & larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals. Find out more here: https://www.wandsforwildlife.org/


Our beautiful mascara box is completely re-usable and has been designed specially to be durable for you.

With a gentle wiggle, the inside tray comes out and our beautiful box can be used to store your make up, jewellery, stationary or any of your precious possessions.

It can be used at home, as an organiser in a drawer, or taken in your handbag on the go.



Our boxes are made from 100% sustainable sources, are FSC certified & are 100% recyclable.

We use water based colours which are good for the environment because they are non-toxic and do not contain any lead or heavy metals, nor do they contain o-zone depleting chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) or other volatile solvents. 

FSC certified & 100% recyclable.

FSC certified & 100% recyclable.

FSC certified & 100% recyclable.


We only formulate with labs that are proactive & forward-thinking in their approach to sustainability.

This includes measures to meaningfully lower water & energy consumption each year, obtaining energy from renewable sources & initiating traceability of recovered waste.

Our labs do not animal test & have an increasing focus on sustainable ingredients.

Sustainability in our immediate & extended workforce is important to us.

We make sure to only form strategic partnerships with those who look after their people and put their health & wellbeing first.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

We only work with labs that don’t animal test & that don’t use any animal derived ingredients in our formulations. We are committed to being cruelty free, vegan & giving you the best.

Empowering You

Our muse, displayed across all of our messaging, carries profound meaning to empower you & create positive change. The Bella Butterfly is a reminder that you are immensely powerful, in that there is nothing else in the universe that is you. We believe in & celebrate the power of you.

Clean Focused

We have an increasingly clean focus with the products that we formulate and create & we are conscious to omit harmful ingredients wherever possible. We strive to be as clean as possible whilst giving you products that work & that you can truly rely on.