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Get the 30 second lash lift

Margot ROBBIE - Get the look

Live from the red carpet, Australian actress Margot Robbie looks flawless at the 80th Annual Golden Globes Awards. Recreate her glowing make up look with WANDERLASH Mascara.

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Meet the Queen of Real Lashes 

Grazia’s Beauty Editor, Kaniz Ali had the pleasure of catching up with entrepreneur CEO of BELLA , Sabina Ranger. In this exclusive issue Sabina talks to us about business. It is most definitely a revolutionary mascara

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A cult luxury product that’s taken three years in the making to perfect, promising a 30 second lash lift! Using special brush technology to lift lashes, maximising the dramatic false lash effect, this one is an industry disruptor

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The creation of our new favourite mascara

Nathalie Eleni, makeup artist, sits down with Sabina Ranger, founder of hot, new beauty brand BELLA, to find out how the young entrepreneur created our new favourite mascara, WANDERLASH.

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A total false lash effect without the pain & discomfort of false eyelashes. It has been made to outperform what is on the market. People say it is the best mascara they have ever used and it is definitely our new favourite!

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The story behind bella

Beauty has always been an area of interest for me. During my parents’ journey together, I would watch the transformative effect, both aesthetically and emotionally, when my mother would apply her make up.

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Make your eyes pop

Full frames and a full glam can work in harmony when you know how. A new mascara on my radar is from BELLA, the WANDERLASH Mascara. This is truly one of the most volumizing, dramatic mascaras I have tried in an age.  

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The answer to your lash prayers

Sabina Ranger has created a stir within the beauty industry with her game-changing mascara. Many say it's the best mascara they've tried. It's special brush technology to lift lashes has something to do with this.

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30 second shortcut to instantly expensive lashes

WANDERLASH entered our lives – and immediately, our make-up bag: A massively lash-boosting option. The concave brush grabs every last lash, lifting and coating with a dense, inkey pigment.

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The ultimate beauty bag

Use the bag long after its empty – you’ll love the softness and the colour is stunning. The much-hyped WANDERLASH is for game-changing lashes. A deep colour with buildable volume to deliver a lash lift in seconds. 


This product not only cares for my lashes but gives them a lift. A highly luxurious mascara with buildable length to deliver your ultimate lashes. This makes such a beautiful gift and it comes in a gorgeous gift box.